Round 2 was better, but I finished last. This was an eye opener that showing me that I really need to practice more in windy conditions and learn how to shape shots also in this type of weather. 77 (+5) today. I have really learned a lot from the last few days and I will use the next few well and learn some new shots for the next event (the team event). I appreciate the positive texts I have received and I take it with a smile. Some days are worse than others 🙂

Round 1 was a catastrophe. Unfortunately the wind and I were not friends and I struggled the whole day. I hit many great shots but in these conditions that is not always enough. One fun thing that happened today was that I hit a 330 yard drive. It might tell you enough about how windy it was. The mood is still good, and the Knud and I will do our very best to try to salvage this event with a good round tomorrow. It can only go one way, up.

Today was the last day of practice before the tournament begins tomorrow. We spent our time well today and had a good practice both on the short game area, the putting green and also the range. The course is set up quite long and the greens can be challenging, meaning that all the parts of my game will be put to the test these next days.

We are enjoying our time in the very beautiful and warm weather as much as possible as our surroundings, the course, the food and the hotel are over average amazing.

I forgot to mention earlier that Knud and I had to book two different rooms for these two events because of the rules, law and culture in Saudi Arabia. We are not married and can therefor not share a room. So for the next two weeks I will be rooming with a super cute Swedish girl, Anna Magnuson. Anna is also a rookie on the LET this year like me, and so far we are having the best of times.

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