My next event will be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting the 12th of November. We, Knud Andreas and I, will be leaving the 7th of November. I am extremely excited to get to play again soon and I am getting ready to bring my A game.

In these strange, and in many ways dangerous, times with corona spreading, we will go through several steps to be able to play in Saudi Arabia. Firstly we have to get tested in Norway within 7 days of traveling, then we are flying to London Heathrow, which will be a change for us who have been driving everywhere. When arriving at the airport we will have to go straight to the designated hotel to get tested again. With the other players we will wait for our test results to get back, before we the following day will fly to Jeddah. Within the first 48 hours of arriving in Jeddah we have to take yet another covid test before we are allowed to compete in the tournament.

We are very thankful for all the efforts that are made by both the sponsors of the event and the Ladies European Tour to make sure that the events we play are as safe as can be. With all these measures in place with other checks and good routines everyday we feel more than safe when crossing boarders into different countries to compete.