Last round of the tournament was better, 74 shots. With a supportive and positive caddie we worked as a team to finish the event as my back was making it difficult to swing fully and to pick up both tees and the ball from the hole. Four weeks in a row driving to each event and playing twenty-two rounds in total was a little to much for me this time : )

I have learned a whole lot during this past month, and I have enjoyed every last bit of it. I can now say that I have won my first professional tournament, I have a T15 on the Ladies European Tour, and I am many experiences richer and overall there has been lots of evolvement for me personally. Now I have a few weeks at home before having to gear up for the next events. More information will come!

Yet another even tougher round for me, unfortunately. My body was not keeping up with what my mind wanted to accomplish. Last round tomorrow with the tee time 8:11 and then a loooong drive awaits. For tomorrow my plan is to go out and attack the pins and leave everything I’ve got on the course. Nothing to lose but balls, haha. The score today was a 79 (+7).

And we are back in Czech for the last event before heading home! Round one of the Amundi Czech Ladies Challenge did not go as hoped. 75 (+3) and 8 shots behind the lead. If it was lack of focus in the 30 degrees heat, or my body giving in after many rounds of golf with not much of a break, it does not matter. What matters is that there is a new day tomorrow 🙂 8:30 Knud and I are teeing off from hole 1 for our second round on the LETACCESS.

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