The things I learned and experienced in Sweden are priceless – memories for a lifetime. From practising next to golf stars, women and men I grew up watching on TV, to having an actual audience stand along the fairways and around the greens. It was all amazing. So here is some insight from the Scandinavian Mixed round one and two.

All good things come to an end

After the rounds 72 and 77 strokes, I missed the cut at Vallda Golf & Country Club. I had a very rough start both rounds, and I fought hard to come back. However, with three holes to go, almost five hours into the round, I was five shots behind the cut, and the fighting spirit and energy kind of left my body. I finished the tournament with three lazy bogeys, which I am not proud of, but I had really given it my all up to the point when I realized that we could not possibly make it to the weekend.

Round one’s downs and ups

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up Thursday morning ready to go! It is always nice to feel some calm excitement before teeing off for a big event, I think. I was to play with two good golfers, and I was prepared to deliver my best game. Deep breaths, focus… «strong arms, width, shift weight to the left, and hit it» was my last thought before my driver head hit the white ball teed up between the tee markers on hole 10, my first hole for the Scandinavian Mixed hosted by Henrik and Annika.

The ball found the middle of the fairway far, far down after rolling down the dried up, not so wide fairway, on the par 5. Only a 6 iron in my hands on the second shot gave me a sense of calm. The first test, hitting a good tee shot on the first hole, was passed. With a pop in my back swing a joint must have moved a little… That was all it took for me to find the water, which is really not in play on the 10th hole, so I started with a bogey.

No worries I thought, everyone makes bogeys, and the birdies will come. And just like that, a birdie on the next hole, hole 11, 164 meters into the wind. Hole 12, a lousy tee shot finds the water on the right. I struggle to get back in position and make a double bogey.

The 13th hole next… maybe compensating for my miss right on the last, I miss the sweet spot on the driver and hit a little towards the toe, making the ball turn left. It finds the deepest rough there is, and it is pure luck that one of the caddies finds the ball in waist high grass. One drop and a four-putt from the fringe down the slope later, and I have carded a triple bogey.

Five over par and four holes played, many opportunities and fourteen holes to go. I only had one thought: the next shot. I love that, and recommend this single mindedness for anyone who plays golf. It is easy to say, but to actually do it, only focusing on the next shot, not the one before, or the tee shot on the next hole, but only the shot you are about to hit, is challenging but rewarding.

I shot six birdies and one bogey on the last remaining holes. I am proud of myself and Knud as my caddie, that we as a team put what had already happened behind us. It might have been bad luck, coincidences or just poor execution, we did not care – we could not change it. It was in the past, and so we moved forward.

A bit mentally tired, but happy with the job done, we had put ourselves back on track and in position for the next day. A little behind schedule, so we knew that we needed a good round day two.

Round 2

Second round started with another perfect drive hitting the middle of the fairway on hole one. Little did we know that the ball was going to take a massive bounce straight left and into the thick grass. I began the second round with anything but a flying start 🙂 Double bogey, on hole 1, and a three-put bogey on hole 2. Not the start we had hoped for. The rest is history, I played well for the rest of the round, but did eventually give up with three holes to go, five shots from the cut, and ended up eight shots below the cut.

All in all

My game is getting better, my knowledge is growing, and my attitude is positive. You may see evidence of my attitude on the top photo on the left side. The picture is from the first round, hole 12, my third for the day. If you look closely, you can see that I am carrying a ball. That is because I just hit my tee shot in the water. You can see my shot after the drop on the top right picture. I believe in the importance of smiling and keeping a positive attitude, no matter what. In regards to my performance, this was not my event, but I keep working and looking forward.

Thank you to Dad who came all the way to Gothenburg, watched only a few holes and drove us home! Thank you to Fanny for watching both rounds and for the fantastic conversations. I have already learned so much from you! Thank you to Knud for caddying, it is not always butterflies and sunshine with me on the course, but we have fun and learn, and that is what is important. Lastly, thanks to everyone who is rooting for us sending messages and good thoughts, it really means a lot.

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